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Here's the Story...

Hi, I am Becky- the founder and sole designer of Gemweyth Sea Glass Jewellery.

My passion for crafting started from a very young age where I would make many gifts for friends and family, usually from "treasure" I had found on the Beach. I pride myself in being self-taught and that each piece of jewellery is my own design. 

Growing up and living in Cornwall has inspired my creations; I love to work with sea glass and always entertain different ideas as to where the glass originally came from and what it's story is...was it from a shipwreck, some ancient glassware or simply a beer bottle? 

In 2016 I decided to officially set up a buisness and name it Gemweyth Sea Glass Jewellery. Gemweyth is the Cornish word for jewellery and all the glass used has been handpicked from a variety of different beaches resulting in every item being unique.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my website. 

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